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MANSION NZ is focused solely on marketing and negotiating the sale of exceptional properties and we’re expanding throughout New Zealand.

We’re looking for exceptional, talented people to take on exclusive territories – building their own business in partnership with our brand.

To be considered, you’ll need to already be working at the top end of your local market or be able to display an ability and willingness to do so successfully.

We only select the very best people to join us. We are all highly professional and exceptionally motivated people. We require a minimum of 12 months experience as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson to join us 

If you're a Licensed Salesperson with proven industry results and over 12 months experience, give us a call.

Our expectations are that you will be self-motivated, disciplined and you'll know how to organize your day, and operate professionally. If you’re prepared to work hard for your customers, follow our compliance requirements and give 100%, you’ll find Mansion NZ Real Estate a rewarding and satisfying company to be a part of.

If this is who you are and this is what drives you, then these are the benefits and rewards you'll enjoy with Mansion. 


Mansion offers many benefits, which include:

  • You will be the only Mansion NZ salesperson in your area or one of a limited number of salespeople within a very large territory. You will be part of an elite national sales team. 

  • You will be able to focus on selling high-quality, high value property. 

  • You will be supported by our Licensee manager in the day to day operation of your business and REAA compliance.


Our commission structures are often greater than in other companies, meaning you’ll take home more income.

  • You will receive a commission of 70% on every sale.

  • Mansion NZ will support your business with management, training and administrative support. We are absolutely committed to the highest level of compliance and you will be supervised and supported in accordance with industry best practices and REAA requirements.

  • Your skills will be continuously developed, improved on an ongoing basis, as an expert in your local market.

  • To fine tune your skills and increase your income levels, we offer personal coaching sessions, assisting you in goal setting and identifying opportunities to increase your effectiveness in your marketplace. This service is available nationwide and is part of the Mansion NZ Real Estate personal development program. 

  • Let us help you reach your full potential in the shortest possible time with our training systems. 

  • Our aim is to grow our people to increase productivity and profit by delivering cutting edge training resources modeled on the success of our top performing agents. Our training programs will help your vendors to achieve amazing results.

  • Our training workshops will keep you performing at your best.

  • Mansion NZ Agents around the country will be high-performing, ethical salespeople, selected carefully and without compromise.


  • Your background and business experience

  • What are your values and personal goals?

  • Your understanding and experience of real estate.

  • Whether you currently work in real estate or if you are new to the industry?

  • Why you want to become the Mansion NZ representative in your area?

To be eligible you must hold an unblemished real estate licensee (salesperson certificate) .

If you have worked in the industry and are interested in pursuing a career in Real Estate, find out more here.



Please complete the form below so we can contact you for an initial conversation.


Thanks for your interest in Mansion NZ. We will contact you soon.



ENQUIRIES         09 988 9651


RECRUITMENT   07 571 2117



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